The Best (And Worst) Times To Pick Up A Used Truck

by pps-DUEditor

Whether you are buying your first truck or are going in for a change and upgrade, figuring out which one you want can be confusing. Here are our best tips to keep in mind when you think about shopping for a used truck with so many available options.

Best Time to Buy a Used Truck

If you’re buying a new truck, every dealer will have the same one no matter where you buy it from. Yet, buying a used truck is a whole other thing. It’s a combination of luck and being at the right place and the right time. All through the year, you can find deals on various pre-owned trucks. Vehicles depreciate differently. So don’t be surprised if you see a range of different prices for two similar brands with the same miles, similar maintenance dates, and used in the same weather circumstances.

This happens because trucks are used for many things, and a lot depends on driving habits, bumps, braking slow or hard, low or high speeds, etc. Many details impact the current condition, so if you’re starting your search, be patient, and don’t rush the process. The ideal time you should spend exploring alternatives should be around 5 to 6 weeks, roughly 9 hours a week. Just because you find a great offer doesn’t mean you should stop looking.

The Worst Time to Buy a Truck

If you’re looking for a current model-year car, the worst time to look for a used truck is when the new vehicles first come out. The best solution is to wait a few months until the demand for the truck you have your eye on goes down. Spring is another time to refrain from vehicle shopping. This is because, after a chilly winter, buyers are typically heading back to dealerships with their income tax refunds to make down payments on the vehicles they want to buy.

Finally, you can do everything online, from looking for models, options, and colors, to checking the value of your trade-in and the predicted monthly payouts. Yet, you should always test drive the truck you intend to buy to see if it operates to your satisfaction before you purchase it.

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