5 Important Things To Know Before You Rent A Car

by pps-DUEditor

When you need four wheels to take you places in a new location, renting can be the most convenient option. However, many travelers accept car rental companies’ policies without question. While not everything is negotiable, several places have wiggle room. Here are five critical things to consider before renting a car.

Understanding Your Credit Card’s Policies on Rentals

Knowing what rental car damages, fees, and extras are covered by your credit card beforehand is vital. This way, you won’t have any surprise costs and payments when the bill arrives.

Check Your Rental Thoroughly Before You Drive It Out

Before you get behind the wheel and drive off in your new rental, you should first inspect it for scratches, dents, and other signs of damage. Look at the interiors carefully and make notes on any stains, tears, or marks that you might have to explain later. While most rental agencies already have these damages filed, it’s smarter to double-check beforehand. When returning the rental, ensure someone checks out the car, and you verify existing damages to avoid an accidental charge.

Ditch the Airport Car Rental Counter

 Airport car rental desks are notorious for charging extra fees if you rent a car from their counter. Unfortunately, if you’re booking your car at the airport, rental companies are required by law to collect these surcharges. Avoid this fee by merely taking a shuttle or taxi to a car rental company outside the airport.

Don’t Forget to Fill’er up

Car rentals need you to fill up the tank before returning a car. Yet, many drivers forget and ask the rental car company to refill when they return it. While this can seem convenient, the surcharge you pay on every gallon is usually excessive. Instead, find the cheapest gas station with a 2km radius of your rental and top up before you return it.

Carry Your Own Extras

Bring your child-safety seats, GPS systems, and DVD players. Instead of paying extra, ask to have these removed from your car or get a new vehicle so you don’t end up paying more than you should.

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